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Enterprise Storage & Converged/Hyper Converged Solutions

Enterprise Storage

Oregon Systems offers a broad category that includes products and services designed to assist large organizations with saving and retrieving digital information. Unlike consumer or small business storage devices, enterprise storage can handle large volumes of data and large numbers of users. It usually involves centralized storage repositories, such as storage area networks (SANs) or network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

Enterprise storage can be broken down into several categories. Primary storage houses the data that end users are actively accessing. Backup storage contains copies of the information in primary storage for use in disaster recovery situations or in other circumstances where a secondary copy is necessary. Backup storage is closely related to archive storage, which is where enterprises keep outdated information that needs to be saved for compliance or other purposes.

Enterprise Storage & Converged/Hyper Converged Solutions

Converged Infrastructure

Oregon Systems offers next generation converged infrastructure Ready for any app, on any cloud, at any scale. Enables our customer multicloud IT with an adaptive platform that powers any application anywhere with the simplicity of hyperconverged infrastructure. Delivers a simplified solution with industry-leading performance, independent scaling, support for multiple hypervisors, and flexible cluster scaling with availability zones. Reduce provisioning time. Improve daily operation efficiency of XenDesktop and XenApp.

Enterprise Storage & Converged/Hyper Converged Solutions

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

We at Oregon Systems provide a solution for the datacenter which helps in reducing the size of hardware installed and decrease power consumption and remove the headache of using so many cables, all these issues and much more can be solved with the Hyper converged systems, as they are designed to offer the elimination of infrastructure silos, data processing with a single engine, with high efficient scalability while creating a virtualization-ready environment, switch the management approach from hardware to an application that would control all the components of the hardware that contains (Server / Storage / Virtualization).

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