Stratus Technologies

The Most Powerful ftServer. Ever.

Stratus Technologies

The Most Powerful ftServer. Ever.


Delivering Simple, Protected, and Autonomous Zero Touch Computing

For more than 40 years, Stratus has provided high-availability, fault-tolerant computing to Fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium sized businesses enabling them to securely and remotely run mission-critical applications without downtime at the data center and Edge, and turn that data into actionable intelligence. In 2022, the company was acquired by SGH [Nasdaq: SGH].

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Stratus ztC Edge™

ztC Edge provides teams with a zero-touch, secure, and highly-automated Edge Computing platform, purpose built for edge environments. Its self-protecting and self-monitoring features drastically reduce unplanned downtime and ensure continuous availability of business-critical applications.

Stratus® ztC Endurance™

Using ztC Endurance enables digital transformation of computing infrastructure to modernize operations and deploy advanced software stacks, ensuring application availability and data integrity at the edge or data center. The platform combines built-in fault tolerance, proactive health monitoring, and serviceability by OT or IT, along with meeting cybersecurity requirements.

Stratus® ftServer®

Optimized for distributed edge-in architectures, Stratus ftServer delivers the performance needed to support your advanced processor and data intensive applications, while also providing the fault tolerance, security and manageability required at the edge of your corporate networks.


everRun simplifies the process of meeting your changing availability requirements. A highly versatile, yet affordable continuously available software solution, everRun combined with industry standard x86 systems quickly and easily protects your virtualized workloads and data. Use everRun to rapidly and cost effectively deliver the levels of continuous availability you need, when and where you need them.

Stratus V Series

Stratus systems are more than capable. Stratus ftServer V Series is specifically engineered for your most demanding mission-critical TPS (transaction processing systems) workloads. Purpose-built hardware with highly tuned OpenVOS operating system software provide unmatched availability, and deliver the scalability and performance required for high-volume transaction processing.


Constant focus on customers in the military, government, critical infrastructure, and commercial markets.

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